What makes us different.

Sunken Ship Software is not just another group of software creators. Our vision for the project, since the design until the finishing details, taking into account the developing process, allows us to create individual pieces of awesome products. Our ultimate goal is to enjoy the future today.

An Idea Pops Up

At the precise moment when an idea emerges, there is a meeting with the whole team. Immediately, a process begins when the key points are established and the project is settled. Even though this could seem more accurate for a business, our studio focuses on the creative side of the project, not on a commercial one, and the high standards are always needed.

Decision of Goals

There are not only goals for the team in order to develop the project as close as possible to the original idea, but also to secure a high quality process and the satisfaction of whoever could possibly use it.Our goals are always objective, possible and satisfying for the whole spectrum of people working on it and enjoying it.


The work flow is adjusted to assign all the tasks to each team’s members according to their especific skills, in order to create the most accurate way to develop each task both individually and as a group. The assignment of tasks is one of the key points for any of our projects to succeed, alongside with the communication, that is done on daily basis to avoid any mistakes or misunderstanding.

Hard Work Pays Back

When the last task is completed and all the goals are achieved is when the team can chill out a bit. Everything has to be perfectly done, according to the team’s standards. No error or excuse is accepted, only perfection is allowed.

Work In Progress: AURORA

AURORA is our current project on a state of development. This idea is taking the shape of our perfect videogame. Soon, it is going to be a hit.

Enter the Kingdom of AURORA

Art of Delight

Since the beginning, the art of AURORA has been created with the purpose of delivering a sense of careness, in order to provoke different feelings on the viewer, enjoying himself as the game goes on. We wanted to convey the coldness and the simplicity that can be found all around the world of AURORA. For us to explain these ideas, the basis of the Art can be found on the cool tones and the polygonal elements.

Uniqueness of Style

Aside from the art, the game as a whole has been designed to offer a personal, unique style, easy to spot among others. The structure of levels, the disposition of static elements, and even the integration of the enemies forge an intricate piece that would be a satisfaction for any kind of gamer. The disclosure of new items or facets during the gameplay will show all the possibilities that AURORA possesses deep inside.

Challenge your Limits

There is something inside AURORA that cannot be seen but, however, plays a huge, decisive role. Our game is a challenge itself that asks you to push your boundaries and to become greater every time you play it. On top of that, AURORA has an efficient system to randomise every level into an unique one. There is no gameplay like other before or after; your gameplay will change every time you start the console.

More about AURORA here

AURORA does not end here

Our videogame is full of content and has lots of questions to answer. Keep on reading to know everything about it.
More about AURORA here

Who we are

Sunken Ship Software is composed by a great gathering of videogame’s lovers. Is this passion for the Eight Art the common element that sticks them together.

Each of them shares the best of their own experience in order to make an awesome final creation.

Ricardo Coelho – Artist

Ricardo has always pursued his artistic side, not only trying to achieve the creativeness as a whole but also the most accurate technical performance. His portfolio shows a combination of theoretical technic plus a huge intuition for the fulfilled composition.

Domingos Pita – Game Designer/Programmer

Domingos made his way to the great field of computer engineering. Since he was a child, his passion for videogames and new technologies has made him hunger for information and learning about that. He always tries to create what is not done yet.

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